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I’m not kidding; if you are interested in transforming your body in only four minutes per day, you have to give this a try. The plank will help you achieve this. Find the strength to do this on a daily basis, and not only will you end up with a great body, but you will also increase your energy and stamina.

This applies if you start eating sensibly also.


  • grains
  • milk or milk products
  • sugar or artificial sweeteners
  • corn
  • soya

I know that most of you will not stick to this restrictive diet, but do the best you can and take the 28-day challenge. You won’t see immediate results, but after some time, the results will amaze you. In the beginning you start with holding the position for twenty seconds and gradually increase the holding period.


Here is the plan:


1st day 20 seconds

2nd day 20 seconds

3rd day 30 seconds

4th day 30 seconds

5th day 40 seconds

6th day REST

7th day 45 seconds

8th day 45 seconds

9th day 60 seconds

10th day 60 seconds

11th day 60 seconds

12th day 90 seconds

13th day REST

14th day 90 seconds

15th day 90 seconds

16th day 120 seconds

17th day 120 seconds

18th day 150 seconds

19th day REST

20th day 150 seconds

21st day 150 seconds

22nd day 180 seconds

23rd day 180 seconds

24th day 210 seconds

25th day REST

26th day 210 seconds

27th day 240 seconds

28th day hold the position as long as you can.


Position yourself properly, elbows under the shoulders, spine straight, and legs slightly apart. That’s it. Relax your body and breathe slowly and soon you’ll have the body you always wanted.

See you all next time.

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