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Are you one of those people who experience colds and flu constantly? I’ll give you a concrete example of what I mean.

Very close members of my family, a father, a mother, their daughter, their son-in-law, and their three and a half year old grandson had a runny nose, congestion, sore throat, occasional high fever, and a cough throughout the whole of the past winter. Sometimes one or two of them, sometimes all of them, and sometimes just the baby and her mom. I think you get the picture.

Since they are not inclined to listen to any advise, I said nothing and watched them taking all kinds of pills to relieve their misery.

As I have stated many times in the past, all medication has side effects; this means that the medication is harming other parts of your body.

The only person with “an excuse” was the 3.5 year old, as his body was still in the process of meeting new pathogens and preparing his immune system to fight them “the next time they met”.

Another example that I just remembered is the father of the bride of the same, above family. This gentleman, who is an engineer by the way, is “hooked” on antibiotics. Whenever he feels unwell, he takes antibiotics. In one of our family dinners I told him that antibiotics have no effect on viral infections. I don’t know if he took my advice, but I am sure that his immune system leaves much to be desired.

Antibiotics kill the beneficial bacteria (70 % of your immune system) in your gut.

A famous phytotherapist in Turkey, Dr. Ümit Aktaş, claims that it takes a very long time for the beneficial bacteria killed by antibiotics to reestablish themselves in your gut and start “protecting” you again.

As a passing note, Turkey is at the top of the list of antibiotic users in Europe.

In past posts, I have put forth that a “good” immune system depends on:

  • The proper things you should eat (prebiotics, probiotics, etc.),
  • The harmful things you shouldn’t eat (this is a long list),
  • Protecting and nurturing your microbiome, and
  • Staying away from antibiotics, and if possible all kinds of medication.


A 15 Second Immunity Booster


Dr. Sergei Bubnovkiy, a Russian doctor, claims that the immune system can be improved if you soak your legs in cold water for 15-20 seconds on a daily basis. He states that this will help you eliminate colds and flu.



I suggest that the bucket be big enough so that the water will reach your knees, if possible.

Fill the bucket with cold water, and as much ice as possible.

Soak your feet and legs for 15-20 seconds. After this, dry your feet and legs thoroughly and put on wool socks.

Do this every night before going to bed. If your immune system is very week, you can do this every 4 hours.


Why Is This Beneficial?


A study carried out in the University of Virginia, has shown that the icy water enhances the production of norepinephrine, a hormone crucial for strengthening the immune system.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, because the legs are connected to various organs in the body, soaking them in icy water will enhance your health, because it improves blood circulation.


Other Benefits


  • Shiny hair
  • Skin health
  • Prevention of depression
  • Soothing a soar throat
  • Elimination of muscle pain


Don’t you think it’s worth a try?

See you all next week.



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