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We had some “server” problems, so I apologize for the delay in posting this week’s article.

Given the delay, caused by circumstances beyond my control, I decided to scan and post subjects that might seem interesting to you.




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A close friend’s granddaughter, living in Canada, put on some weight, which worried her family. They asked me to write something that they could send her; here it is:

When the topic of “dieting” comes up, most people immediately think of weight loss. Well, what one should focus on is “health”.

As Hippocrates pointed out, your health depends on your “gut health”, and your gut health depends on what you eat.

There are over 100 autoimmune diseases (the immune system attacking its own body) that are associated with what’s called “the leaky gut syndrome”. You are probably familiar with MS (Multiple Sclerosis), and Vitiligo; both auto immune diseases. Well, you can get a leaky gut lasting 3 hours by eating just 1 slice of bread.

If you eat a McDonalds breakfast, you will have a leaky gut for 2 weeks.





Grains, sugar, artificial sweeteners, HFCS, dairy products, soya, corn all damage your gut health.

Our genetic programing goes back 40-70 thousand years, and we should be eating just like our hunter-gatherer ancestors. Agriculture was invented only 12,000 years ago, and we are not programmed to eat grains.

My suggestion, in general, is to stop eating:

  • Anything in a bag, box, or can,
  • Anything you see advertised on TV,
  • Anything with an ingredients label on it.

In summary, stop eating processed food.

Eat natural foods you prepare yourself; vegetables, healthy fats, fish, fowl, meat, nuts, and fruits. Fruits, only once a day in the morning.

Try to eat 3, or better still 2, meals a day. Don’t keep snacking or indulging in between meal eating. You just keep pumping more insulin into your blood stream and will probably end up with “insulin resistance”.

If one of you goals is to loose some weight, don’t count on walking to accomplish this. It’s a great thing to do, but one has to run about 42 kilometers to burn one pound of fat.

If burning fat were that easy, we would not be here today. Fat, is the reserve energy that kept our ancestors alive during periods of “no food”.








My dear college classmate Semra, sent me an e-mail recently; she, like all of us, was saddened by the news of one of our classmates’ battle with Alzheimer’s, and wanted me to write bout it.

I told her that I had, and even gave her the example of a medical doctor’s husband’s unbelievable progress by just consuming coconut oil.

Apparently, this did not satisfy her; she said “she was interested in the latest scientific breakthroughs, and not in isolated, individual success stories.”

Well my dear Semra, there is none. Alzheimer’s is an epidemic, currently affecting an estimated 5.4 million Americans alone. Unless there are radical changes, many experts project that almost half of the global population will eventually acquire it.

Since diet is one of the root causes, diet is also afoundational prevention and treatment strategy. This is an important point, considering there are no meaningful conventional treatments for this devastating disease.

As I have emphasized in previous posts, listed below, eliminating wheat, refined carbs and sugar from your diet would be a wise start, do to the toxic effects they can have on your body, including your brain.

If you are still interested, I suggest you read the following posts and then get back to me.

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Yesterday, about 20 classmates from the Robert College graduating class of 1967 had a great brunch at Bizim Tepe, the Robert College Alumni Club.

I thank Yakup Baruh and Bülent Özsoy for organizing this event, and asking me to speak on “Health” issues brought up in the blog.

It was a great group discussion on many health issues and I think, my classmates benefited from it as much as I.

A picture from our discussion is posted below. They were nice enough to give me gift; a nice sports watch. Thanks guys.










That’s it for this week; see you all next time.





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