A Simple Test For Detecting Whether Candida Has Corrupted Your Intestinal Flora

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Before getting into our “story”, I would like to thank two dear friends who sent me the video posted last week and the article, which I will summarize here. I know I should have done this last week, better late than never.


Mirsad and Faruk Cengiç.

The test to see if the candida parasite/yeast in your intestines has increased is quite simple.

Spit into a glass full of drinking water first thing in the morning and observe what happens for 15 minutes.


If your saliva (spit) stays on top of the water, your intestinal flora is quite healthy.

Another very simple test is to measure your body’s acidity/alkalinity. When candida has taken over your intestinal flora, it turns your body acidic. Your pH level has to be above 7.0. This means you are alcaline. You can buy pH Strips in a pharmacy and measure your pH level this way or you can take a urine sample to a laboratory.

I strongly suggest taking a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda mixed in water twice a day. This also makes your body alcaline.

If you have watched the video you know that there are good organisms and bad organisms in your small intestines. As long as the percentage of the good ones in 80-90 % you are OK. Meaning that your immune system (90 % is in your intestines) is functioning well.

If however, you observe what is pictured above, it means that candida has dominated and you are in deep trouble.

  • Do you get bloated and have stomach aches even when you have a small meal?
  • Have you tried all kinds of diets but the bloating and hardness of your stomach persists?
  • Even though you consume high fiber foods, are you are still constipated?
  • You can’t stop your food cravings?

If these symptoms seem familiar, you are probably a victim of the candids parasite. I don’t want to bore you with repeating what is very well put forth in the previous post’s video.

What to eat and what not to eat are explained in detail; watch the video very carefully. Re-watch it if things are not too clear.

Pay close attention to drugs , medication (especially antibiotics), artificial sweeteners, cortisone, etc., that compound this invasion of your body.

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Although this is emphasized in the video, I think it bears repeating; when you “indulge” or “transgress” and EAT WHAT YOU SHOULDN’T just take a probiotic capsule. This will help take care of the candida threat.

OK friends, this is it for a few weeks. I’m off to see my gorgeous daughter, handsome son-in-law and beautiful grandchildren.

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