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Last week we shared some suggestions to keep our lungs healthy during the covid-19 pandemic. My dear friend Emoş said that she had found the suggestions very helpful, so I came up with 4 more. Actually 3 more, because we had discussed “nose breathing” but, as you’ll see, there is a bit more than just nitric oxide.

Most of us rest when sick. But with covid-19, experts say movement speeds up recovery. The virus loves to attack the lungs and staying in bed causes small air sacks to collapse. This can lower oxygen uptake and intensify the illness. Here are the best ways to up your airflow and keep lungs healthy.

To open airways: Sit up straight

When you’re having trouble taking a deep breath, your first inclination is to lie down. But medical experts advise that sitting up as much as possible is very important. Sitting gives lungs a gravitational assist allowing them to fully expand.

To reopen air sacks: Try nose breathing


  Deep breathing not only speeds secretions out of lungs, it pops open collapsed air sacks. An easy technique: Inhale as deeply as possible, then hold your breath for about 5 seconds before exhaling. Do these 5 times every hour.

Remember from last week’s post that you should breathe in through your nose, breathe out through your mouth or nose and how nitric oxide helps your recovery. Nitric oxide also boosts oxygen intake by 20 percent.

To expel secretions: Lie on your stomach

Lying on your back puts pressure on air sacks in the lower lungs; plus, it can allow damaging secretions to collect there. That is why medical professionals advise spending two to three hours lying on your stomach instead. They claim that this strategy boosts oxygen levels within five minutes.

For stronger lungs: Go for a stroll

Walking strengthens the muscles that support the lungs and helps prevent blood clots that can complicate coronavirus. It is recommended that one take easy walks of up to 20 minutes daily. Moderate movement increases the body’s production of endorphins, chemicals shown to boost mood and immunity.

I hope the information will be useful and to see you all the next time.


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