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My dear classmate Ali Arda, whom you met in my December 16, 2015 post on “Sniffles…” asked that I take a look at a series of videos on Alzheimer’s distributed through our class “group” e-mail by another dear classmate Mahir Ülken and comment on the subject.

By the way Mahir, pictured below, was also kind enough to request that the “group” be notified when a new article is published in the Blog.


I have watched the Awakening from Alzheimer videos for Days, 6,7, 8, 9 and 10. I couldn’t watch the previous ones because they can be viewed on the day Mahir sends them and not later.

Why didn’t I watch until Ali’s request, because, as I will point out, I’ve written about all the suggestions in the video interviews that are put forth by the experts.

I know what you’re thinking; “oh no he’s going to give us his usual lifestyle advice again”. Yes I am and as you’ll see all the “experts” seem to be in agreement with me.

First of all, as of today, there is no cure for Alzheimer’s. Thus, we should modify our lifestyles so that we don’t get it.

Second, how do we live with Alzheimer’s and minimize its adverse effects.


Dr. Jay Faber (day 6)

I agree with most of his suggestions, as you can verify by re-reading my previous posts.

One comment however bothered me a bit; he’s “not against statins” but advises that people take CoQ10. Why doesn’t he mention the fact that taking statin drugs stops the body’s production of this crucial enzyme?

He points to the fact that Alzheimer’s is caused by

         lack of blood flow and inflammation.

Couldn’t agree more. Please re-read my September 9, 2016 posts on chronic inflammation.

Dr. Faber suggests that to increase blood flow and stop inflammation people should take CoQ10, Vitamin E, Vitamin D, ALA (alpha lipoic acid), and coconut oil. Plus, a good multi vitamin, Omega-3, Ginkgo Biloba, etc.


Again I agree with the good doctor, but what should you NOT DO?

  • Consume sugar, HFCS and any food that contains these
  • Consuming grains, legumes, milk and milk products
  • Buy products in plastic containers; choose glass containers
  • Use anti-prespirants
  • Swim in swimming pools with chlorine in them
  • Drink water with fluoride in it
  • Buy processed foods
  • Etc

He makes the point that one should eat healthy; definitely. He suggests a high protein Mediterranean diet. OK with the exception of high protein; too much protein is not good for you.

He says too much fat and too much carbs are bad. Carbs I agree with, but you should consume plenty of good fats – coconut oil, olives and olive oil, avocados, nuts, butter, etc.

Depression is a very important factor in the onset of Alzheimer’s. Thus, your lifestyle should be such that depression is a very small possibility.

Dr. Faber states that exercise and walking result in the production of “happy hormones” like serotonin. He suggests that people should exercise 6 days a week, for 45 minutes per day. If this is too much, then start with 5 minutes a day.

He also stresses the importance of good “gut” health and suggests the consumption of probiotics. YES TO THAT.

Insulin resistance and diabetes play an important role in Alzheimer’s according to Dr. Faber, but there are no solid suggestions as to how one addresses these.

A “good lifestyle” reduces the chance of Alzheimer’s by 50 % and this lifestyle should include keeping your brain active.

Now that I’ve written this much, and new videos keep coming every day, I’ve decided to stop going over each video. In the next post I’ll summarize what I’ve suggested you do and NOT DO, in previous posts, and underline what the good doctors interviewed say that I haven’t said before.

You wont have to wait one week for the next post.







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