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As I have stated on many occasions, walking 10,000 steps, or exercising every day isn’t going to do it. If you want to loose weight, you have to cut out eating something.

The question is: “Which something?”

Each diet you try has a focus on one particular thing. This, of course, makes it easier to market.

Some, of course, see dieting as a purely cosmetic exercise.

At the heart of it, however, isn’t just how you look, but how you feel. And how it effects what you can and can’t do. Work-wise, for example.

Studies have shown that when you go on a diet, your brain may begin to fight against this. And when your brain begins to focus on something like your weight, it may not be fully attuned to doing the things you have to do at work.

What might be the best diet to burn calories and still be productively functional?

Scientists at Harvard thought they’d look to see whether the reduction of one thing might burn more calories than the reduction of another.

Does removing carbsfrom your diet help you burn more calories? Or does removing fathave a greater effect?

Here’s what they concluded: Those struggling with their weight that went on a high-carb, low fat diet, burned far fewer calories than those who replaced their carbs with fat.

The difference was some 250 calories a day.

I doubt that this study will create sudden agreement among everyone in the diet industry; there’s too much money at stake, after all.

One thing that can be agreed upon however is that every calorie isn’t the same. Which could eliminate the effectiveness of calorie-counting as a sure way to calculate weight-loss potential.

This study may have a great influence, though, because it was extensive. The researchers monitored 164 adults and made sure of their precise food intake over 20 weeks.

Furthermore, the researchers were direct in their conclusions. “Lowering dietary carbohydrate increased energy expenditure during weight loss maintenance.”


Take home message


Even if you are not cutting calories, stay away from the carbs on the left side of the below picture.






The ones on the right are OK; in fact necessary.

And don’t curtail your healthy fats intake.





That’s it for now; see you all next time.

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