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Turmeric: You may recall that we have shared information on this amazing spice before. The orange -colored root has been used in traditional Indian cooking for centuries and is now being recognized for it’s powerful healing qualities, including its ability to fight inflammation and aid in warding off certain diseases. And now, I’m going to share with you a totally new use for the spice that may seem quite unlikely; whitening your teeth.







Oral health is complicated, and while we all know that bright, sparkly pearly-white teeth are something to aim for, commercial teeth whiteners pose other dangers to your health and can increase the likelihood of your having to cope with issues like gum disease, gingivitis, enamel and tooth decay, and even receding gums.

Luckily for us, turmeric is an all -natural alternative to dangerous chemicals that can instead benefit your oral health in more ways than one. Not only will turmeric make your teeth whiter, it can actually help you ward off gum disease and reduce any inflammation of the gums and mouth. Some studies suggest that this could be because of the main active ingredient in turmeric – curcumin – which has anti-inflammatory properties that protect against gum disease and gingivitis, while reducing the build up of plaque and bacteria on the teeth and along the gum line. Other studies suggest that it may even be a great all-natural solution to mouth pain associated with conditions like periodontitis and oral cancers.


While it may seem counterproductive to rub a bright yellow powder onto your teeth to make them whiter, I’m urging you to try out turmeric teeth whitening BECAUSE IT WORKS.      



Turmeric for Teeth Whitening: Recipe and Process



In order to use turmeric to whiten your teeth safely, you’ll need to make sure not to over-do it. The process outlined below can be used over the course of a few days, and you shouldn’t repeat it more than once per day as this could cause damage to your enamel.


There are a few ways to include turmeric into your oral care routine. The first is to make your own whitening treatment using turmeric powder. Keep in mind that turmeric is a spice, which has quite a potent taste. If you can’t handle the taste in your mouth, you can add some mint oil to it. I prefer lavender oil.


Another note: Turmeric stains. Be careful with your clothes, and bear in mind that you should use a fresh toothbrush to apply it, as it will turn the bristles yellow.


To make your own turmeric teeth whitening mixture, simply mix a small amount, about ¼ teaspoons and add your mint oil, if so desired. Brush your teeth as usual with regular toothpaste, then using a wet toothbrush; lightly dip it into the turmeric mixture and apply to your teeth and gums. Allow the turmeric powder to sit on your teeth for 5 to 10 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly with warm water. Next, brush your teeth again with regular toothpaste, and you’re done.


That’s it for now; see you all next time.



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