How Would You Like To Decrease Your Risk Of Early Death By 14 %?

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It might be a good idea to spice things up in your life. No, I don’t mean between the sheets.

An international team of researchers led by the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, concluded that eating spicy foods might be the key to longevity. Apparently, eating such foods on a regular basis can help prevent people from dying prematurely by 14 %.

While a variety of spicy foods are excellent, one in particular caught their attention.


It was noted that consumption of FRESH CHILI PEPPERS, compared to other spicy foods, was more effective in providing people with a lower risk of dying from:

  • Cancer,
  • Ischemic heart disease, and
  • Diabetes

It was noted that fresh chili pepper’s combination of powerful ingredients are responsible for such health boosting benefits.

Dr. Lu Qi, associate professor at the Harvard School of Public Health, states that “Compared with non-fresh spicy foods such as dried chili peppers, chili sauce or chili oil, fresh chili peppers are richer in bioactive ingredients, including capsaicin, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Vitamin B6 and potassium.

The study was conducted by assessing nearly 490,000 participants, who responded to questions pertaining to physical measurements, general health, and consumption of red meats, spicy foods, vegetables and alcohol.

One of the questions was as follows. “During the past month how often did you eat hot, spicy foods?” The respondents selected from the following options:

  1. Never or almost never
  2. Only occasionally
  3. One or two days a week
  4. Three to five days a week
  5. Six to seven days a week

Those who chose from the last three options were then asked about the kind of spices used.

After a follow-up that averaged approximately 7 years, 20,224 deaths were noted.

Analyzing the results of the deaths showed that people who ate spicy foods, one or two days a week, had a 10 % reduced risk of death.

More impressive, however, was the discovery that those who enjoyed spicy foods every other day had a 14 % lower risk of death, compared to those who ate them less than once a week.

So, to make a long story short, or cut to the chase, make a habit of spicing up your food.

I, for example, sprinkle cayenne pepper on almost everything I eat. My lovely wife, pictured below with my handsome son-in-law Brett, constantly complains about our helper putting too much black pepper into everything he cooks; I bribe him to do it.


Brett and I love eating “Poppers” when we visit them in Charleston. What are poppers? You put crème cheese into jalapeno pepper halves, wrap bacon around them and toss them into the oven. Now there’s a spicy dish I could eat every day.

Now, I’ll have to look for fresh chili peppers or maybe try growing them in flowerpots and have them with every meal. OK, not breakfast.

May your coming days be spicy; both ways.

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