I’m writing about mercury poisoning, because Emoş, my dear friend, asked me to?

She called me the other day to tell me that she couldn’t find the post where I had written about this subject. Well, I wasn’t sure if I had; I checked, and apparently I hadn’t.

We had discussed it, however, and I had pointed out that my brother-in-law had ignored me when I told him that compact fluorescent lamps were dangerous, when they broke, especially since he had a 4 year old grandson running around.





His wife commented that she used to play with mercury when a thermometer broke and Emoş remembered this from her childhood as well. So, it couldn’t be that toxic; right?






As a matter of fact, I remember playing with mercury when I was a kid.

Don’t feel bad. Several Chinese emperors and nobles are known to or suspected to have died or been sickened by mercury poisoning after alchemists administered them “elixirs” to promote health, longevity, or immortality.

This careless attitude has gone on and on, and still does if we consider, for example, amalgam tooth fillings.





It obviously, puts the patient at risk, but can you believe that dental workers are 23 times more likely to develop idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) compared to the general population. IPF is a chronic and progressive lung disease with no known cure. It is caused my mercury that is in amalgam tooth filling.

In December 2008, actor Jeremy Piven was diagnosed with mercury poisoning possibly resulting from eating sushi twice a day for 20 years.





Fish, especially big bottom feeders, are a major source of mercury. Be very careful; choose small, non-bottom feeding fish as a precaution. One of my favorites is “horse mackerel”.

Mercury poisoning is a vast subject that includes where and how one can be exposed, and many illnesses that result from exposure. It can kill, as I’ve put forth above.

It was interesting that my brother-in-law’s wife and their daughter had thyroid problems, as did Emoş. Could playing with mercury as a child have anything to do with this???

The above are things you keep in mind to lessen your chances of mercury exposure. Removal of amalgam fillings, however, requires dentists who know what they’re doing, so that they don’t poison you and themselves.

This was just a teaser to get your attention. You should research the subject if interested.

That’s it for now; see you all next time.



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