My very old and dear friend, Emoş (Emine Önkal), and my classmate from college, Kirkor Dişlioğlu, recently commented that my header picture was getting a bit stale and that I should replace it with a more recent one.

I guess they were right; it’s been over two years since that picture was taken.

So we are replacing it with two pictures taken a couple of weeks ago. Not bad for a 77 year old, even if I say so myself.

Before going on, I’d like to tell you all that the original suggestion for sharing my knowledge on health matters, was from Ayça Önkal, the daughter-in-law of my closest friend. She suggested that I write a book.

I was discussing the idea with my wife’s niece’s husband Talat İçbilen, who suggested that I start out with a BLOG, thus getting some publicity, and then convert it into a book.


That is Talat, by the way.

So that’s what we did more than two years ago. I owe Talat many thanks. He is also the guy who took all the photographs.

Oh, I should also mention that he lost more than 20 Kg. (44 lb.) by applying some of my suggestions.

I also owe many thanks to Mücahit Bayraktar, the technical brain behind the blog.

This is Mücü, as we call him.


Don’t forget to clear the history on your search engine (Safari, Google Chrome) to see the blog with the new picture.


You might recall that I mentioned a lady who had found me on the Internet and e-mailed me about her struggle with MS for 10 years.

I also mentioned that she would start on the “Comprehensive Elimination Diet” at the beginning of 2017.

I await good news from her in 2017.

Another lady “discovered” my blog and was thrilled that she may have found a way to fight LICHEN PLANUS, an autoimmune disease where an itchy rash develops in ones mouth (or skin).

She will tackle her problem by “eating properly” and thus regaining her gut health.

Both are now subscribers to the blog and have promised to keep me updated on their progress.

I am so elated by this. I just hope and pray that they will overcome MS and Lichen Planus.

The last bit of “Reader News” is a comment by a Turkish doctor, living in Holland. He wrote the following letter, which came out at the bottom of my September 15, 2016 post “When You Lose Weight, Where Does The Lost Fat Go”; of course in the Turkish version of the blog.


”  December 14, 2016

My dear brother Ulusan,

I wholeheartedly congratulate you! You are absolutely on the right track for giving the correct information to people, and I see you as “A Health Hero”. I hope that you are not getting adverse reactions from health practitioners/doctors who don’t know the subject at all. Many “specialist doctors” don’t know anything about these subjects and have been misleading people for 40 years.

I wish for your continued success. Stay well.

Dr. Levent ŞAHİN


This letter (comment) made me feel great. Combined with the e-mails from the 2 ladies, I’ve had an unbelievable couple of weeks.

He is so correct about the “misinformation” doled out by “classical” doctors. Examples:

  • A famous professor who has a column in Turkey’s biggest daily suggested walking to combat chronic inflammation the other day. Walking is good, but it’s what you put in your mouth that causes chronic inflammation.
  • The famous showman, Dr.Oz, was telling people to eat whole grains; really?

Anyway, we’ve gone over this stuff before.



I promised that I would share with you my blood work results, for the second time, right about now.

I’m delaying it for 3 months because I’m trying out something new; I only have my fruit breakfast (blueberries, raspberries, black berries, dried black mulberries, a teaspoon of chestnut honey, etc.) only on Saturdays.

I was influenced by the CNN Türk program where Prof. Karatay and Dr. Aktaş were interviewed on December 3, 2016. The two “Functional Doctors” were dead set against fruit because of the damage caused by FRUCTOSE. As you know fructose is metabolized just like alcohol and they claim that it can even make kids feel a “buzz”.

Even though I’m foregoing some good vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, by foregoing my fruit breakfast, I think I more than compensate by eating healthy vegetables and drinking freshly extracted vegetable juice every day.

My breakfast fruit orgy must have a fructose level way beyond what is advised.

I’ll let you know my blood work results in 3 months, but here is an interesting result: I wake up very early to go to the gym and after returning and having my fruit bowl, I tended to doze off, on the couch, for 15-30 minutes. Now, as hard as I try I cannot. Was fructose making me a bit tipsy? Interesting haaa.


Well that’s it; see you all next week.


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