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As promised last week, I’ll summarize the side effects you lay yourself open to when you take these drugs.

Remember what we put forth last week: You may have very high LDL and/or total cholesterol levels and be completely free of any sort of cardiovascular disease.

I might have written about this before, but I think it’s worth repeating. The culprit behind clogged arteries seems to be LDL (low density lipoprotein). And, it’s the small, dense ones that are the culprits. They seem to get stuck in the membrane of your arteries when delivering cholesterol to your cells, and create inflammation. Then the immune system gets to work and “plasters” over the inflammation, which results in a narrower artery. As long as it’s a one-time happening, you’re OK. But if this inflammation becomes chronic, you guessed it, the process repeats and your arteries become even narrower.





The above picture says it all.

When you get blood work done, you can ask for a breakdown of these different kinds of LDLs, and see how you stand regarding “the culprits.”

You might think this is nonsense, but its not. Stop eating grains, and your next blood work will show a marked reduction in the small dense LDL particles.

The cholesterol/heart health connection is nothing more than spurious correlation; there are a multitude of examples in everyday life. If two things move together, it doesn’t mean that one causes the other.

Cholesterol plays a very important role in our life; we cannot survive without it. Our body couldn’t even synthesize vitamin D, if we lay in the sun all day long, if there was no cholesterol.

Before I get into the side effects of cholesterol lowering statin drugs, I urge you to have a very thorough check-up if your cholesterol level is “high”.

When I say high, I mean above 330. Additionally:

  1. HDL/Total Cholesterol should be above 24 %. If below 10 %, have that check-up.
  2. Triglyceride/HDL should be below 2.

Not with an allopathic doctor, but with an MD who practices “Functional Medicine”.


Side Effects


Reported side effects include:

  • muscle problems
  • nerve damage in hands and feet
  • serious degenerative muscle tissue condition
  • anemia
  • acidosis
  • sexual dysfunction
  • cataracts
  • pancreas or liver dysfunction
  • memory loss
  • increased risk of diabetes
  • increased cancer risk

As I urged at the end of last weeks post, if you are taking statin drugs SUPPLEMENT WITH COQ10.





You can fight this problem naturally by modifying your diet and lifestyle. Go over what’s written in the blog to see what I mean.


A short brake


We have been invited to a friend’s motor yacht next week, so I’ll see you all after our break.

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