As I looked into insulin a little deeper, I was amazed at what an important part it plays in our lives and wanted to share this with you.


As you may recall, my usual breakfast is:

*A fruit (raspberries, blackberries, blueberries) smoothie with all kinds of good spices mixed with water kefir, and





  • Blueberries, a grated apple, dried black mulberries, walnuts, a tablespoon of coconut oil, a teaspoon of chestnut honey, again spices, all mixed into coconut milk





Even though all the fruits have beneficial properties and I consume no fruit for the rest of the day, this seems like quite a whopping amount of fructose I am taking in.

So; I’m going to have blood-work done and will report the results to you; especially FASTED INSULIN AND FASTED LEPTIN.

I’m curious if I’ll have to reduce or cutout my morning fruit orgy.

I think that the importance of insulin was adequately presented in my previous post. However, elaborating on the health/disease aspects is definitely called for.

If we get a little bit further into the roots of disease, we see that, be it the common cold, or cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis or cancer, the root is always going to be at the molecular and cellular level. AND, INSULIN IS GOING TO HAVE ITS HAND IN IT, IF NOT TOTALLY CONTROL IT.







He is a pioneer on proper nutrition, particularly on the “LOW FAT, THEREFORE HIGH CARB DIET CRAZE, that has resulted in the METABOLIC MAYHEM we see today.

Another very important area Dr. Rosedale dwells on is the prevalence of treating symptoms rather than the disease by the medical establishment.

As he puts it most medical doctors are not scientists but businessmen, pushing the “Symptom Treating (?) Drugs” produced by BIG PHARMA.

He has cured heart disease, high triglyceride/cholesterol, osteoporosis, severe angina of the leg, and cancer by making his patients stop taking the multitude of drugs they were on and putting them on healthy diets.

One of his patients was taking 102 units of insulin a day and his blood sugar was 300 plus. He was on 8 different medications for various things.

The medical establishment wanted to do a second by-pass operation on him, before he left/escaped from the hospital and went to see Dr. Rosedale.

This person in now on no insulin, no medications whatsoever, has no chest pain and plays golf 4-5 times a week.

Another patient, a 42 year-old man, had a triglyceride level of 2200, a cholesterol level of 950, and was on maximum doses of all his medications. Interestingly enough, he was not fat at all; he was fairly thin.

Dr. Rosedale took him off the medications and in 6 weeks his lipid levels, both triglyceride and cholesterol, came down to around 220.




What would be the typical treatment of cardiovascular disease? First, they check your cholesterol. To treat high cholesterol (over 200) they put you on cholesterol lowering drugs, WHICH SHUT OFF YOUR CoQ10. What does CoQ10 do? It is involved in energy production and protection of the little power plants, the mitochondria, in every cell, so energy production goes down. Furthermore, as we’ve seen in the insulin post, the mitochondrial effects of fighting against insulin resistance are jeopardized.

One of the best treatments for a weak heart (congestive heart failure) is CoQ10. But doctors have no problem shutting off CoQ10 production, TO LOWER A DUBIOUS NUMBER, your total cholesterol number.

I say dubious for a host of reasons:

  1. Total cholesterol is equal to HDL (high density lipoprotein) PLUS LDL (low density lipoprotein) PLUS Triglycerides DIVIDED by 5.
  2. As can bee seen from the above formula, they are not even measuring cholesterol itself but the lipoproteins that carry it to and from the cells. In other words, instead of counting the number of people going from destination A to destination B, they are counting the number of vehicles that takes them there???
  3. Cholesterol and cardiovascular disease may be correlated but this is what is called SPURIOUS CORRELATIN in statistics. Just because two things seem to move together, DOES NOT MEAN ON CAUSES THE OTHER.
  4. In fact, there are numerous new studies that show low cholesterol to be more culpable in cardiovascular disease. People with higher total cholesterol levels are less likely to get cardiovascular disease.

So, in the 1950s, it is said, somebody discovered a mushroom that lowered cholesterol, so BIG PHARMA had to find a disease to hook this find unto. They really goofed in Leptin (thank God) but hit the jackpot with cholesterol lowering drugs.

A personal experience: My nephew who was not even 40 years old at the time had total cholesterol of 171. Believe it or not, his very famous cardiologist almost insisted that he take cholesterol lowering statin drug. He never did.




That’s the handsome fellow, Hasan Ellialtıoğlu, water skiing.

I just remembered another personal experience: A dear lady friend of ours was on cholesterol lowering medication and, obviously, I told her to stop taking it. Would you believe that her total cholesterol went down.

I only make this suggestion if total cholesterol is NOT OVER 330.

There are many other bad side effects from taking cholesterol-lowering drugs, which I won’t go into now.

I’ll give you another example of treating symptoms rather than the cause of a disease. Let’s say you have a runny nose and go to your doctor, and what the doctor will probably give you is a decongestant. The end result is probably going to be visiting an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist who’ll tell you that you have a sinus infection.

What happens when you treat the symptom of a runny nose from a cold by taking a decongestant? Well, it certainly decongests you by shutting off the mucus, but why do you have the mucus? It’s because your body is trying to clean and wash out the membranes. What else is in mucus? Secretory IgA, a very strong antibody to kill the virus. If there is no mucus, there is no IgA.

Decongestants also constrict blood vessels, the little capillaries, or arterioles that go to those capillaries, and the cilia, the hair-like projections that beat to push mucus along to create a stream. They get paralyzed because they don’t have blood flow, so there is no more ciliary movement.

To make a long story short, your doctor has dammed a stream and crated a pond.

There are many other examples, which I won’t bore you with.

Suffice it to say that you really need to look at the root of what is causing the problem.

Why does a person have a cold? Why doesn’t everybody catch a cold tomorrow? Do you think a depressed immune system IS REALLY THE DISEASE?

It has been known for many decades that sugar depresses the immune system. Need I say more?

All of the “diseases” we have talked about above are really the symptoms of a single disease and that IS AGING. And if there is a single marker for lifespan, IT IS INSULIN, specifically insulin resistance.

The moral of the story,

  • Eat properly
  • Move around (exercise)
  • Calm your mind (meditate)

And you won’t need medication or doctors trying to treat your symptoms.

“Well my genetic heritage is flawed” doesn’t hold water either, WE’VE TALKED ABOUT EPIGENETICS before.

See you all next week.







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