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I haven’t been getting any comments or e-mail questions from my readers lately, so I thought you all might be bored with health, nutrition and exercise, and decided to wonder from our normal path.


Hope you’ll find it interesting.


  1. Joyita boat mystery








In 1955 all passengers and crewmember disappeared without a trace from this vessel. The boat was found in poor condition but it was afloat. However, it is still unknown why those people left the boat and where they could be.


  1. Bermeja island








According to different maps of the Gulf of Mexico, this island existed from the 16thto the 20thcentury. In 1997 the island could not be located in a survey taken.


  1. A 2,000 year old body intact










 In 1971 scientists found a woman of China’s Han dynasty, Xin Zhui, who died in 163 BC. Her hair was still intact, the skin was soft and there was some blood in her veins. Her body was in an unknown fluid, which preserved it.


  1. Dancing plague











In 1518 there was a case of dancing mania in Strasbourg, Alsace. People danced in the streets for days without stopping, and some of them died. Though several theories were developed to explain this phenomenon, scientists sill don’t know what caused this mass psychogenic illness.


  1. Harold Edward Holt vanished








Harold Edward Holt was the 17thPrime Minister of Australia. On 17 December 1967, he disappeared while swimming. His friends witnessed the moment he swam out into the deeper water and suddenly disappeared. It is believed that Holt overestimated his swimming abilities and was taken by rip tide.


  1. Hector the thundercloud








 There’s a thundercloud on the Tiwi islands in Australia called Hector. It is formed regularly, from September to March. The thundercloud is one of the largest thunderclouds in the world.


  1. Cleopatra’s tomb










The location of Cleopatra’s tomb is still unknown. It is believed that she was buried with her lover, Mark Anthony. According to historians, the tomb is located somewhere near Alexandria, Egypt.

Well, that was different, and I hope you enjoyed it friends. See you all the next time.

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