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Would you believe that lower levels of stress, better sleep and weight loss, among others, are some of the health benefits of ear massage?

Since the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown, many people have been experiencing stress, anxiety, headaches and more. After months of quarantine, many are also witnessing that they have been too drowsy and lethargic. If you are feeling groggy or suffering from brain fog and stress, then try massaging your ears. Yes, relaxation of nerves will benefit not only your mental but also physical health. And it’s great that you can do it anytime and anywhere plus it’s very easy.

Ear massage is also known as ear reflexology or auriculotherapy, and one can relieve stress by stimulating certain ear pressure points. Aside from relieving us from stress, it can help treat a host of other physiological problems, ailments and pathological disorders in the abdomen, chest, lower back, and feet.


  1. Reduce muscle pain.


A study was conducted to determine whether ear massage can reduce pain among people with chronic lower back pain. Researchers found that it is indeed a way to reduce discomfort. A gentle pull and rub of the ear lobes stimulate a lot of nerve endings and this leads to the release of endorphins. THIS PARTICULAR FEEL GOOD HORMONE HELPS RELIEVE PAIN. Massage also improves one’s blood circulation. So, manage your physical pain and boost your pain threshold with this simple technique.



  1. Decrease stress and anxiety levels.


According to another study, ear message proved to be helpful during stressful situations. If you feel stressed out, panicked, restless, or irritated massage the heavenly gate point of your ear, pictured below, in circular motions.


  1. Massage them to relieve headaches and migraines.


Instead of popping pain killers which have harmful side effects, one should go for this simple and natural method to relieve headaches and migraines. You can use peppermint tea for a better effect.


  1. Aids in weight loss.


Aside from daily physical activity and a healthy diet, there are several tricks and methods one can follow to boost weight loss. One such method is ear massage. Rubbing at different points of ears can promote quicker weight loss. After reaching your goal, make sure to perform it to maintain your weigh.


  1. Can help to deal with insomnia.


A relaxed mind is necessary for good sleep, and ear stimulation has a relaxing effect on the body. So, before you hit the sack, loosen up with ear stimulation. You can combine ear massage with other procedures that you may be doing to treat insomnia.


  1. Great energy booster.


Do you rely on caffeine to kick start your morning?

Instead, you can try rubbing your ears a bit more intensely. Stimulation of nerve endings in your ears can activate certain brain centers and make you fresh and mindful. So, whenever you feel tired and low on energy, try ear massage.



How to perform ear massage on yourself:



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