When I recently heard that one of my closest friends had “Vertigo”, I was a bit surprised because I always thought it was just the fear of heights. Remember the 1958 Hitchcock movie “Vertigo” starring James Stewart and Kim Novak?

Well it’s apparently not.

Vertigo is a common symptom of several diseases, and spinning or whirling movement of the head characterizes it.

It is a kind of dizziness due to an imbalance of the body or loss of equilibrium. It is a common condition contributing to a major part of the population being admitted to emergency departments worldwide.


A simple fix for vertigo


A doctor at the University of Colorado Hospital has become a YouTube sensation, because she has developed a simple maneuver to treat vertigo at home.

CBS4 Health Specialist Kathy Walsh first explained the treatment in a story in 2012, and since then has been viewed on cbsdenver.com by 2.6 million people.

Please watch the video.




I’ll walk you through it anyway:









Tip your head up to look at the ceiling. Then









touch your head to the floor as if you were going to do a somersault.

In this position, turn your face toward your left elbow.








Wait in this position until all dizziness ends. Then raise you head to back level, shown below.










Wait again for the dizziness to end, and then sit back up quickly.

Give it a try; what have you got to lose, except your dizziness.

That’s it for now; see you all the next time.



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