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Before I get into sharing the results of this research with you, I have a little note to add:

Many years ago, a very close friend of mine, who was taking my advice, was sitting down to pee. His wife came into the bathroom and when she saw him sitting down, she thought he was pooping. He told her that he was peeing. She commented that she thought only women sat down to pee. He said the reason he was sitting down was because he had never heard of women having prostate problems!!!

I have been sitting down to pee for many years. Even though I am 82 years old, my blood work done in March 2023, showed a PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) of 4.4 ng/Ml. The PSA must be below 4.4 if your prostate is OK.

Arguments are growing that men should sit down to urinate – with some experts saying it is good for health and people seem to be heading this advice.

In Germany, these men are known as “sitzpinklers” meaning somebody who sits while urinating.

There are debates inside the country about whether man should sit or stand. Some toilets have signs forbidding standing up, though the term “sitzpinklers” implies it is not masculine behavior.

Some of the worst offenders in Europe were in Poland and the UK, where only 27% and 24% of men peed sitting down.

Studies have shown that sitting down is better for men’s health. Researchers from Leiden University Medical Center found in 2014 that it helped the bladder empty faster and more completely – something which is beneficial for those with lower urinary track problems and enlarged prostates.

“The sitting position is preferable to the standing,” they wrote.

There are many arguments that sitting down is also better for mental health, giving men time to pause and reflect in a quiet space.

German men are most likely to sit down to pee in Europe.


Here are the percentages of men in European countries likely to sit and pee “every time” and “most of the time”:

            GERMANY       62%

            SWEEDEN        50%

            DENMARK       44%

            FRANCE           35%

            SPAIN              34%

            ITALY               34%

            POLAND          27%

            UK                   24%

German men are most likely to sit down to pee, with 62% saying they do so “every time” or “most times.” Swedes are the second most likely European men to do so.

The British polling agency surveyed 13 countries to find out men’s peeing preferences, revealing a stark divide between sit and sit-nots around the world.

Researchers say they were prompted to correct a “glaring omission” in its data, after a journalist called it out for not having any data on how many British men sat down to urinate.

That’s despite several claims surrounding the benefits of the practice for mental and physical well-being, besides more amicable relations with women in the house.

That’s it for now; see you all the next time.

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